Each year we find ways to try to leave the world a little better and weirder than we found it. GISHWHES participants tend to surprise themselves with the art and insanity they create with their new collection of international friends.

Each year, the first week of August, we post a list of a couple hundred items or tasks to do or create. The tasks on the GISHWHES Item Lists range from the easy and beautiful, "Hug a uniformed veteran," to the challenging and absurd, "Get a picture of a Stormtrooper cleaning a pool next to a sunbather enjoying a cocktail." Other items encourage participants to go out and do some good for their communities. Some Gish Teams try to go for maximum points by scavenging as many items as they possibly can. Other Gish Teams decide they're not going to try to win the grand prize and choose instead to focus on a few, beautifully executed items to try for the Gishwhes Hall of Fame. Either way, what they create is usually twisted, fun, and kind. A general rule of thumb is to try to make sure you have good light, do it outdoors if you can, and be creative with your backgrounds, presentation and composition. Below are some prime examples:

Some Gishtastic photo items that were scavenged:

And here are a sampling of videos that were scavenged:

More Exemplary GISHWHES Submissions - an excerpt of GISHWHES 2013's "Limited Edition Coffee Table Book" designed by Olivia Desianti: