As part of the GISHWHES 2013 scavenger hunt, thousands of people from over 85 countries hugged people while holding up a sign with a message to the world. We had over 108,000 hugs submitted! Feel free to browse our hugs gallery to see who people were hugging in your neck of the woods - and what they had to say to the world.

Special thanks to those that assisted GISHWHES with its Guinness World Record submission. Many of them are no longer sane...

Kate Brophy, Dottweets, Monica Duff, Sir Felippe, Kate Gigliotti-Gordon, Nicole Gillespie, Kasia, Megan Jackson, Tracy Liu, Monnie Neely, Michelle Piehler, Lisa Pring, Kate Scott, Silje Simonsen, Janie Slentz and Colleen Williams.