What Is gishwhes?



gishwhes is the largest, most epic scavenger hunt ever created. Teams work together, from home or in public, to create crazy art, commit acts of kindness, and attempt fun challenges. Thousands of people from over 100 countries play every year! Register now…

“No joke. Gishwhes reaffirmed my faith in humanity. Truly. The amount of people willing to help you, to be in photos with you, to offer a kind word.. it’s amazing. I couldn’t be happier that I’ve done this.”
-wayward-melody (tumblr)



It’s simple! You can form your own team or we’ll add you to an amazing, existing one. On August 5th, we’ll post a list of wild, creative, and fun challenges to complete. Attempt as many tasks as you wish! Upload a picture or video of what you create, and you’ll get points. At the end of the week, the team with the most points wins! Okay, now let’s register!

“If I had known that all it took to make me happy was a week of mayhem, I could have saved myself years of therapy.”
– Judith D.



Each team consists of 15 players. If you register as an individual, you’ll join newfound friends on a hand-picked team of solo players from around the world. If you want to play with your own friends, invite up to 14 people to your team and embark on the adventure together. But don’t worry, if you need more players we’ll help you finish building your team. Let’s go make friends!

Gishwhes makes me realize I have the artistic skills of a walrus.
-youlowertheiqofthewholestreet (tumblr)


Many people play gishwhes just for the fun, exciting experience and don’t compete for the whole week; but for those with an eye on the prize, in addition to a bunch of cool runner-up prizes, our Grand Prize winning team will go on an all-expense paid trip somewhere around the world with the Hunt’s founder, actor Misha Collins. Yes, I’m ready for Hawaii!

“It really brought me out of my shell. Knocking on someones door because I knew they were having a difficult time made me realise that the world is lacking random acts of kindness”
– Ami T


Just register on our website and we’ll help you through each step of the process. It’s super easy and fun. So, sign me up!

“In Gishwhes I learned to overcome my limits. I did more than I thought I would do. And on top made new friends”
– Letícia W


Other Testimonials

So basically gishwhes is the single best thing to happen to me. It’s bringing out a lot of good in me and the people I’ve come into contact with. Misha collins I hate you for making some of these challenges but thank you for making us better people. -fightthefaeries (tumblr)

Running down King St. in Pumpkin shoes will be the single most fun/horrible thing I’ve ever done. Bring it on…

This is the week the world will break.
-dean-is-my-spooky-man (tumblr)

I’ve been banned from Wikipedia, beheaded a teddy bear, and glued an egg to my hand. And I haven’t gone to bed yet. It’s six in the morning. Oh my god Gishwhes why…
-mycroft-the-meddler (tumblr)

“This was the first time that I ever did GISHWHES and I did not regret it at all! It was an absolutely amazing magical and fantastic experience that allowed me to come out of my shell and be who I am. It also allowed me to come to terms with my self and face some of my insecurities and fears.”
– Priyanka D

“I loved joining the GISHWHES 2016 train this year I had a lot of fun making my Sand Trailer Park, and doing the parking citations. I would of liked to had a team that was a little more enthused about working harder on it as I was. I believe that I needed a team with more courtesy and ambience. “
– Debra H

“AWESOME. As fantabulous as Destiel.”
– Alexa W.

“This was my first year of gishwhes, and I must say I had the time of my life! I suffer from depression and anxiety, and never in a million years did I think I would have the courage to do some of the things I did. Thank you misha collins for encouraging me to be who I really am inside. “
– Jill c

“This was my first year participating in gishwhes and I have to say it was a FANTASTIC experience. I would gladly participate again in a heartbeat.”
– Caylie S

“It was so much fun! We got such a great family picture out of this (the painted one by my son and the photograph). My husband helped too and that was a great thing to do something like this together! Thanks! Let the crazy out 😉 till next year :)”
– Diana L.

“This year was my first GISHWHES. I just wanted to say a Thank you for creating something like this.It helped me gain confidence with my own abilities to create things and to meet new people, also it brought a real smile and missed laughter to my dad who has been very ill for quite sometime. Thank y”
– Mary E

“My proudest achievement was teaching my phone to autocorrect for Gishwhes and slangaroo. “No replacements found” indeed!”
– Kate W

“GISHWHES restored my belief in adulthood! I was devastated when I grew up to realize that adults did not dress up like monsters to commit crimes like they did in Scooby-Doo. I had lived with this shattering belief until I found GISHWHES and I realized you can dress up for no reason at all. “
– Jessica H.

“This summer, I was diagnosed with an extremely rare, incurable neuromuscular disease called Stiff Person Syndrome. Not only was I devastated personally, I was prepared to step down as Team Captain of Big Test Icicles, but instead my team embraced me and we did better than we ever have before!”
– Juleah B

“GISHES provided me with the perfect combination of challenges that would allow me to express my creativity, be a force for good, make my home stink of rotten fish and embarrass my children beyond redemption. 10/10 would GISH again.”
– Kristin L.

“All it took was over 100 pictures of my nose and my bedroom no longer needs a paint job. Thanks Gishwhes!”
– Magda O.

“After GISHWHES I possess a nerf gun large enough to blot out the sun. Children stopped in the street and begged to be allowed to shoot it. I am now a legend in my neighborhood.”
– Heather F.

“The best thing about Summer is Gishwhes!!! My sister and I participate in Gishwhes as a sisterly bonding activity. We look forward to it every year! The Scavenger Hunt is always fun, weird, kind, creative and inspiring. Oh and did I mention FUN!!!!”
– Eileen A

“I just need to stop and think about this for a minute. We run around like maniacs doing bizarre things and taking crazy pictures all for the amusement of a strange man in California who has pretty eyes. Yes, that sounds about right. Okay, carry on then.”
– Charmaine M

“”The Sinscreen commercial was by far my favorite item on the list. It was the right amount of vague to get the creative juices flowing. I felt so scandalous making the commercial. Thanks for such a fun task.” “
– Ariana M

“Had been having a rough time since moving out of my home town to study. Home sick, and stressed, GISHWHES gave me the best week since being in a new place, and it was wonderful. Made everything feel like home again. Thanks Misha. “
– Julie-Ann R

“Infamous #162: I solved the “red herring” at the same time my sister (& teammate) saw the morse code. We told our other sister (& teammate), who happened to be visiting our retired Navy dad, who solved the code. Add our mom as videographer, and this one item brought shenanigans to the entire family!”
– Kristen M

“Infamous #162: I solved the “red herring” at the same time my sister (& teammate) saw the morse code. We told our other sister (& teammate), who happened to be visiting our retired Navy dad, who solved the code. Add our mom as videographer, and this one item brought shenanigans to the entire family!”
– Kristen M

“The week made me lose my mind, it made me laugh and cry. It made me try the impossible and it made me DO the impossible. It made me reach out and receive all sorts of help and kindness. It showed me how good it feels outside my comfort zone and even now it continues to inspire me to be creative!”
– Corinna K.

“I really had a lot of fun during the Hunt! GISHWHES made me realize that there was so many opportunities to do wonderfully kind acts, while still doing crazy things. During my pineapple jog, a woman and her children came up to me and said I “have guts” haha.”
– Adria F

“Gishwhes was a fun and exiting experience, I got to meet people all over the world who share some of my interests, also made me more confident, and it was so fun, it got new ideas out of my head, I loved it, it was an awesome experience, and got out the best of me, making me do weird things & stuff”
– Angie M

“I am honestly amazed at Gishwhes and how it allowed me to create, think differently and become a whole new person. It has changed my outlook on society and made me want to do so much more to make the world a happier, funnier and kinder place”
– Holly J

“My entire team #PurklePlaticorns consistep of all newbies! I feel that we did really awesome considering we had no veterans on the tea m. Go #purkles!! We stuck together and rallied each other through to the end. Inclung helping one member out w an family crisis afterwards. 🙂 #familylove”
– SkyB

“I am not being overzealous when I say that GISHWHES is truly a life-changing experience. It is a week in which you leave your dignity at the door and, in exchange, get to see the innate goodness that humankind has to offer, and the power that being unashamedly weird has in bringing people together.”
– Emily B