Remind me again what was in the highest registration tier for this year?

Premiumer-Deluxestest-PrimeTM Package
This is our Premiumer-Deluxestest-PrimeTM package and it’s the best upper tier package we’ve EVER offered for gishwhes. It’s, like, a really big deal.
• You get one VIP ticket for access to the post hunt “Gishwhes Virtual Wrap Party” hosted by Misha Collins.
• You become the proud foster parent of a Porcupanda! Adoption includes:
   • A donation from gishwhes to Pandas International in your name
   • A Porcupanda Plushie
   • An Official Certificate of Porcupanda Adoption
   • A Porcupanda Mascot Pendant
   • A “Proud Parent of a Porcupanda” bumper sticker
   • A lifetime of Porcupanda college debt
• The official “Gishwhes Space Explorer’s Kit” containing everything you’ll ever need to know about space stuff. This scientific kit includes:
   • A limited and numbered gishwhes comic book, “Gishwhes Mascots in Space!”
   • A gishwhes mascot hybrid cookie cutter set for space baking
   • A zero gravity* gishwhes travel mug (*when used in outer space)
   • An essential gishwhes cooler
   • A “gishwhes constellations” glow-in-the-dark sticker set for decorating your ceiling or toilet
   • The official 2017 gishwhes Space Patch
• Misha will record a personalized wake-up message for your phone to startle you into your day. We’re sorry.
• PLUS, you’ll receive all the schwag in lower tier packages against your will. Ships in the fall. Free shipping.

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