The 2017 Hunt has now closed!

gishwhes is an incredible scavenger hunt where thousands of people from around the world create fun art, go on crazy adventures, solve riddles, find new friends, and commit heartwarming acts of kindness and courage. Learn more…

This year’s hunt has now concluded. In the meantime, feel free to check our updates page for the latest news.

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Prior Years' Mayhem

Here are examples of typical items in the hunt you and your team would attempt to complete. Some are beautiful, some are weird, some are challenging, and some are all about kindness. You only do the ones you want! But if you want to win, go for as many as you can!

A VW entirely covered in shaving cream with two children in front of it.

A sock puppet show at a children's hospital.

An evening gown made entirely of materials found in your bathroom.

Have a "tin can" phone call while surfing.

A wheelchair superhero!

Senior citizens mud wrestling.

You as your favorite dessert.

A fully dressed bed in a Walmart parking lot.

Donate blood with a friend.

You as your favorite statue.


Scuba in a ballet class.

Hug a veteran.

Watermelon cocktail wear.

Nun on a rope swing.

What are "helium pants"?

Servicemen or servicewomen holding up a sunbather.

Keep someone company going through kidney dialysis.

Amaze us with smoke and mirrors.

Last year's mascot out of natural items.

Buy a homeless person their favorite lunch.

Popcorn child monster.

Kitchen battle-wear.

Host a diaper drive for a shelter.

Have a party in a dumpster.

Climb a mountain with a friend.

What People Are Saying

"GISHWHES reawakened the part of me that finger painted as a shild and laughed at my messes. I cannot remember the last time I felt this inspired and joyful. "

- Jennifer A

I've been banned from Wikipedia, beheaded a teddy bear, and glued an egg to my hand... Oh my God GISHWHES, why?

- Brodie E

My mom, who has been off work because of a severe injury at work for almost three years, was on my team and for the first time in years she smiled genuinely and even with the pain she says she had time for her life, too.

- Shannon B

Still Have Questions?

Here’s a good place to start. And you can always visit our Q&A, but the best way to see what it’s all about is to see Prior Submissions or our Hall of Fame.

gishwhes Host Misha Collins in his leisure cheese suit.